Vedang Agarwal - Founder

Vedang Agarwal started this brand in April 2022, with a clear objective of creating a brand that has a national recognition with the potential to explore international markets. To achieve this, Vedang approached his family, who have been prominent since a long time in the city of Jaipur, which itself is known for endowed legacy and culture dating back to the age of imperial India. Belonging from an institution whose roots are deeply attached to aristocracy and heritage, Vedang, an alumnus of Mayo College, always sought beauty in historical designs and infrastructures while simultaneously viewing them with a modern perspective. During his time in Mumbai, the fashion capital of India and the cinematic hub, he got exposed to the various fashion icons and trendsetters, which inspired him to take on a path that would lead to glamour and fashion. While pursuing Masters at Cardiff University, Wales, Vedang joined the best Multi-national Jewellery brand, “Pandora” as a Sales Associate and dived into the Silver Fashion Jewellery Market, where he got inspired to start his own Fashion Bijoux brand that not only was superior in terms of design and quality but also provided great value to customers, which he considered as ‘Gems’ that add the glow and glimmer to the jewellery he creates! .