Amethyst, a member of the quartz family, is praised for its deep, rich colour and is derived from geodes formed in volcanic rocks. Natural amethyst stones are aligned to the third eye and crown chakras. The purple tone to reddish-purple colours of amethyst has long been a sign of serenity, purifying, and calming energy.

Healing properties of amethyst: Spiritually rich, Associated with trust and, grace, Brings clarity


Natural pearls are treasured for their exquisite beauty and rarity, and they have long been regarded as natural healers, which makes their metaphysical qualities equally as significant as their aesthetic value. They are effective tools to use if you have an abundance of Yang or masculine energy in your meridian and chakra systems because their energy is feminine in nature.

Pearl's healing benefits include: representing wisdom, providing protective energy boosting self-assurance, balancing the aura, calming, acts as an emotional healer, aid fertility

Turquoise: Birthstone: Sagittarius, Pisces.

Turquoise encourages you to delve deeper and ascertain what is and is not working for you. It eases you in by providing you bravery, strength, and calmness of mind, so there's no need to feel overpowered. It serves as a bridge for communication with others and with oneself. Furthermore, it closely relates to our throat chakra, which is the center of our ability to communicate and experience being heard, both of which contribute to our sense of worth.

Healing qualities of turquoise include: helps with purification, encourages serenity, aids protection, enhances wisdom and sensitivity, maintains balance, improves strength, friendship and love, helps have an optimistic thinking.

Turquoise protects you from outside influences and toxins while dispelling negative energy. It also encourages self-realization and supports original thinking.

Coral: Birthstone for Aries

Coral is regarded as a magical stone in the realm of crystals and jewellery. It is helpful in overcoming dullness, unease, fear, despair, panic, and nightmares, as well as lowering worry and concerns. It is also used to deepen understanding and draw success and fortune. Coral, which is associated with the root chakra, is said to fend off sorrow, and helps to provide motivation for both personal and professional endeavours.

Healing properties Coral: emotional healer, brings peace and tranquilly, fosters intuition, enhances fertility, alleviates stress and anxiety

Labradorite: Birthstone for Leo

A very spiritual stone, labradorite is thought to be especially beneficial for those who tend to overwork. It aids in regaining energy while promoting self-healing in the body and spirit. It is also stated that labradorite may tame our own negativity. It is not surprising that labradorite is regarded as a stone of metamorphosis that strengthens willpower.

Healing properties of Labradorite: boosts subconsciousness, strengthen habitual emotional state, banishes fear and insecurities, aids changes in life, provides strength and perseverance, helps with healing and regain energy

Rainbow Moonstone: Birthstone for: Cancer, Libra, Capricorn and Pisces.

The Moonstone is here to remove the gloom and to enhance all those good emotions. It helps you to connect to the cosmos and bring all those crazy hormones under control by carrying a sign of the moon. This will ensure that you are moving in harmony with the environment outside your window, bursting with feminine energy.

Healing properties of moonstone: considered
a stone of new beginnings, connects to the third eye and the crown chakras, deepens psychic abilities, brings Joy and Good fortune, helps with fertility issues, helps with Pre-Menstrual, Syndrome (PMS) and hormonal balance, encourages harmony

Peridot: Birthstone for Leo.

A strong purifier, peridot releases and eliminates greed, anger, resentment, spite, bitterness, and envy, decreases anxiety, rage, and guilt. The peridot opens our hearts to happiness and new connections. It boosts assertiveness and confidence, encourages development and transformation, enhances mental clarity and widens the mind's field of perception, eliminates sluggishness, apathy, and fatigue.

Healing properties of Peridot: provides protection against evil, eases respiratory issues, reduces sleeplessness, enhance love, brings happiness, promotes wealth

Garnet: Birthstone for Capricorn.

Garnet is a powerful stone that attracts and ignites passion and achievement. You can get rid of old patterns that might be limiting your vitality. It cleanses and energises each chakra and revitalises, purifies, and balances energy, bringing serenity or passion according to the situation.

Garnet has a number of healing benefits: promoting wealth, protection, enhancing relationships, balancing energy, removing negative chakra energy, promoting love and devotion

Citrine: Birthstone for Scorpio

One of the main healing properties of Citrine is that it is a manifesting crystal. Citrine can be used in healing for a variety of reasons, but its primary benefit must be that it surrounds you and everyone else with the cheery optimism and cheer of the sun. Citrine can also be used to aid in the growth of your plants because it channels the sun's ability to produce light. It is a stone that is very densely packed with spiritual power and light. It may therefore quickly and effectively purge your aura when you sit with it, even for a brief time.

Healing properties of Citrine: boost cheerfulness and optimism, improves Manifesting Powers and Skills, cleanse aura, aids Digestion, increases Mental Clarity, align all your chakras

Golden Rutile: Birthstone for Gemini, Taurus, and Leo

Rutilated quartz might help you feel more assured about your overall purpose. And the perseverance required to carry out your visions, no matter what they may be. Quartz stimulates all of the chakras while focusing on blocking negativity and promoting positivity.

Healing properties of Rutilated Quartz: spiritual Growth, increases Wisdom, cleanses the Aura, aids with Depression, releases Fears, great for Manifestations, increases Psychic Abilities

Iolite: Birthstone for Virgo

It is a stone that leads users down a road inside to their innermost selves. The third eye is opened and made apparent by the lovely violet-blue energy carried by iolite, enabling communication, consciousness, and vision from higher vibrational dimensions. It makes a way to your inner self and unleashes an artist's creativity. It is excellent for helping the eyes heal.

Healing with Iolite: power, inner strength, leadership, self-confidence, overcomes co-dependency, aids fitness, alleviates migraines, supports detoxification

Carnelian: Birthstone for Virgo

Carnelian is one of those crystals that is equally gorgeous and useful. It inspires and boosts self-assurance. The mineral chalcedony comes in a reddish-orange variant called carnelian, and it has mild to dark tones. Carnelian employs the capabilities of physical energy to imbue the body with vitality and light.

Healing with Carnelian: creates energy, encourages creativity, supports sexual energy, increases self-assurance, aids manifestation, protects, enhances fertility, increases personal strength, aids in detoxification

Rose quartz: Birthstone for Taurus

Rose quartz, also referred to as hyaline quartz, is a potent therapeutic mineral. It features a translucent transparency, a vitreous sheen, and a light pink hue. It belongs to the quartz mineral class and similarly has a hexagonal crystal structure. Rose quartz symbolises compassion and love. Its delicate, mild, almost pastel shade of pale pink serves as a good indicator of its most well-known quality: unadulterated love. It is both a stone of love given and received.

Healing properties of Rose quartz: Emits love, happiness and emotional healing, heal relationship problems, promote mutual understanding, inspire an attitude of compassion and kindness, promotes peace and calm

Aquamarine: Birthstone for Capricorn, Aquarius, and Aries.

Aquamarine shields your energies, and provides a physical defence in adverse situations. The stone is reputed to calm an overactive mind, assist a person through energy and knowledge, and even help you become more intelligent. Its soothing qualities ease anxiety and relax the mind. Aquamarine encourages acceptance of others and disarms prejudice, offering assistance to individuals feeling overburdened with duty.

Healing properties of Aquamarine: improves mental health, sharpens intellect, clears confusion, clarifies perception, treats hormonal imbalance, fights Throat Infection

Fluorite: Birthstone for Capricorn

Fluorite is an extremely beautiful mineral with outstanding stabilising and protecting properties. There are many different Fluorite crystal forms and sizes, making it an excellent therapeutic crystal.In order to create a solid, comforting environment, Fluorite can ground and harmonise body energy as well as turn chakras.

Healing properties of Fluorite:
heals and connects to the heart chakra, balances energies, helps with decision-making, stimulates the third eye chakra, stabilises and cleans the aura, and sharpens the mind.

Tiger’s Eye: Birthstone for Capricorn

Tiger Eye is a fortunate stone that can protect its user as well as provide luck. It has the ability to provide the energies to concentrate, foster mental clarity, and support in solving issues without being influenced by emotions. Tiger Eye stabilises mood swings, instils us with motivation, purpose, courage, and self-confidence, and relieves tension by balancing yin-yang and energising the emotional body.

Healing properties of Tiger Eye: gives protection, provides clarity of thoughts, supports personal development, brings integrity, improves willpower and practicality, brings courage and grounding, aids grace, power, and protection


Tourmaline aids in understanding oneself and others. It promotes self-confidence and diminishes fear. Tourmaline attracts inspiration, compassion, tolerance and prosperity. It balances the right-left sides of the brain, helps treat paranoia, overcomes dyslexia and improves hand-eye coordination. Tourmaline releases tension, making it helpful for spinal adjustments. It also balances male-female energy within the body.

Healing properties of Tourmaline: improves flexibility, brings happiness and objectivity, provides serenity, compassion and healing, brings balance and positive transformation, improves strength and tolerance

Blue Topaz

Blue topaz is renowned for calming, revitalising, healing, stimulating, and rerouting the body's energies to where they are most needed.A lot of happiness, abundance, generosity and good health will be brought by this stone. It also relaxes the stress in thebody, heart,mind and helps to gain a sweet and joyful mood.The power of Blue Topaz to foster a connection with the throat chakra is one of the most significant links between the spiritual body and stone.

Healing properties of Blue Topaz: connects with throat chakra, supports communication skills and public speaking, provides sense of security, fosters openness and honesty, aids self awareness

Lapiz Lazuili: Birthstone for Libra.

Lapis Lazuli relieves stress and promotes profound tranquilly. It promotes harmony and profound inner self-awareness, permits self-awareness, permits self-expression, and reveals inner truth, giving the personality traits of honesty, compassion, and morality. It also encourages creativity, fosters objectivity and clarity.

Healing properties of Lapis Lazulli: strengthens inner truth and power, brings love and friendship, Aids relationships, Brings clarity and Intuition, Brings positive energy and, Improves self-confidence

Chalcedony: Birthstone for Gemini.

Chalcedony has the ability to calm self-doubt and bring inner serenity to the user. It is thought that blue chalcedony aids in relaxing and encourages the wearer to achieve tranquilly. For those who easily gets worried, this stone is ideal. Chalcedony is recognised for nurturing and fostering goodwill among people. The stones are typically white, grey, or blue, but the latter colour is the most common and well-known. Chalcedony is seen as relaxing and has a close relationship to the moon.

Healing properties of Chalcedony: Promotes goodwill and harmony, Have calming effects, Aids communication skills, Brings tranquillity and peace, Absorbs negativity, Boosts confidence, Stimulates benevolence and generosity, Promotes emotional harmony

Sarjana Sanadhya,

Founder - Yogic Tattva, Certified Ashtanga yoga teacher, Sound healer, and Nature cure coach.

Disclaimer: The information offered on the page is compiled from many reliable offline and online sites. And is published after it is cross checked by subject matter expert, Ms. Sarjana Sanadhya. Please wear stones after consultation with your astrologer/consultant or as per your choice. We do not promise any results.